Master's Thesis: Designing Sharing Platforms - A study of the Hoffice coworking network

Media technology program at KTH
Project Overview
Hoffice (, founded by Christofer Gradin Franzén, promotes the concept of working for free in the homes of others, and is getting a lot of attention around the world. This network helps people arrange home offices, where hosts share their residence with self-employed/freelancers in the community who, through Facebook, can reserve a seat for the day.
My findings
The strengths and weaknesses of Facebook can give implications of possible improvements on a more tailored platform for Hoffice users, and how a social platform can encourage and increase motivation for people to become hosts. The purpose of this study was to find ways to explain the key driving values, as well as barriers and fears, for hosts within the sharing economy, and apply it to a new online platform with tailored user experience design in order to motivate more people to host work events for the Hoffice community.

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